FNB: Excited to See What's Next

I've seen the effects of war. Too much war. I've seen people come, and I've seen them go.

I've seen incredible things built around me - Built from nothing. I've seen the unforgiving power of mother nature. I've seen history repeat itself.

I've watched the greatness of what industry can do. What depressions and recessions can rip away. I've seen the good, the bad, the sacrifices. I've seen this town give when it had nothing left to give. And then give more. Heroes, villains. Sunrise, sunset. I've seen it all in my time.

But the one thing you can't see in all of this... The one thing that you can sense, you can feel... A pulse. A fight. A spirit. It's what makes us dreamers, builders, innovators.

Every day I stand tall. Because I'm excited to see what's next.

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